Diane Andrews – Auntie Caught You Spying – – HD

Diane Andrews - Auntie Caught You Spying - - HD

You’re a curious little one, aren’t you? At the family’s fourth of July party, you hear noises coming from auntie’s bedroom, so being the little pervert that you are, you go check it out. When you see it’s your auntie masturbating, you stay down low at the end of her bed and watch. Inevitably, she catches you and yells at you to get out!Just as you were thinking she wasn’t going to say or do anything, she calls you into her room to have a little chat about what just happened. You figure she’s going to give you the typical lecture on how you’re not supposed to go into people’s rooms when the door is closed, but instead she does something very unexpected!Here’s the deal, since you saw me masturbating, you are now going to masturbate for me, and I’m going to make you eat your cum at the end. You have two choices; you can do it, or I can tell your mom what a dirty little pervert her son is for spying on his auntie. That’s what I thought…Now here are the rules; follow them to the letter. At the end, you’re going to come in your hand and eat it for me. Every – last – drop. If you can manage to do as I say, maybe someday we can do more!Get the MP4 version here: Auntie Caught You Spying


Diane Andrews - Auntie Caught You Spying - - HD

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