Diane Andrews – Your Birthday Present – – HD

Diane Andrews - Your Birthday Present - - HD

This is a Taboo MILF custom with his name used a few times. “It’s my birthday.It’s morning and u come into my room bringing me the breakfast.You have a gown on and sexy lingerie under it. If u have garter and stockings, it would be great to wear them.Your cleavage is clearly visible.You have make up on and you look sexy as hell. As soon as you come into my room you shout an “Happy birthday Dany”.You smile at me and you tell me that u love me so so so much and you are so proud of me because i am a great son.I study a lot and i am a well mannered kid. So you are a proud mother cause i never give u problem.You sit on the bed and u give me a motherly kiss.Then u change ur attitude, you start looking at me with flirty eyes and sexy smile. You tell me it is hot in my room, so u remove ur gown.You tell me that now you are ready to give me my gift. You have a special gift for me, something you are sure i want but i am too shy to ask for.You are my mom and you know anything about me and about what i want.You smile and you tell me that you know that sometimes i sneak into your room, take one of ur sexy panties or thongs and i masturbate while trying to sniff the smell of ur pussy.You tell me it’s absolutely normal to have such instinct at my age and you are totally happy that i have those instincts for u.This is why u take the shower without closing the curtains lately. You know i am there to spy on you and this is why u are taking showers every day when dad has gone to work. You are so proud i get hard watching u.And u tell me that before washing my panties, u always smell them to sniff my cum and you lick them to taste it.You wink and u confess that those smell and taste get u really excited.U smile and you tell me that you know that now i already getting excited cause u see me continuosly staring at your boobs.So u take them out.U put an hand on my crotch and start to caress it. U smile cause u were right. i am already hard. U start to wank me.U tell me that my special gift will be me and you fucking. You are so ready for it. you have been wet all night thinking about the fact that today it will be the day we fuck for the first time. You have asked dad to go buy a lot of things downtown so we will have at least one hour alone.You tell me that i dont have to be shy to admit that i want it so much. Its ok to do it. Those are things that a mother and a good son have to share. And u so want to be my first woman. U will take my virginity now. So u ask me if i am ready and as soon as i nod, you make a fantastic and sexy smile.Then the sex part is on.. You start with a Bj, then u start to ride me first just rubbing ur pussy on my cock.I ask u to take a condom and u laugh telling me that between mother and son there must not be a condom. You want to feel my bare cock inside u and u want me to feel completely ur hot pussy. So we do cow girl, doggy and missionary. You cum at the end.At the end it ends with a cum on my face encouragment with u tell me that finally want to taste my cum. So a big facial.After that you smile and u tell me you so proud of me and so happy we have made this.This will be our secret but if i will be a good boy. we will do that again every week…THE END”Be sure to explore my entire catalog of extremely sexy and erotic fetish porn by clicking here


Diane Andrews - Your Birthday Present - - HD

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