Meana Wolf – Family Secret

Meana Wolf - Family Secret

I think tonight is going to be the night. I think he’s ready. Maybe he suspects something by now. I mean he’s old enough to understand these things…but why would he ever think it? I’m his big sister…15 years older than him. I’ve always been his big sister…there to protect him, teach him how to tie his shoes…When he was younger he used to sleep in my bed all the time. I loved the smell of his hair. I loved being close to him. I’ve been waiting to tell him the truth for so long…I can barely keep it in anymore. The family secret. But I need to know he’s ready. I need to know he’s grown up enough…I’ve tried to stop how I feel about my little br…him. But I can’t fight it anymore. I don’t think its wrong for me to want him so badly. Not with everything there is between us. We were meant to be together. I want him to know everything. I want him to know the truth. Is he ready? I’ll know he’s ready when he touches me. I’ll lay next to him like we did when he was little. I’ll ask him to touch me…to touch himself. If he does everything I say I’ll know that I can tell him once and for all. I want to feel him inside of me again…I want him to cum inside of me. I want to fuck him so badly. I want to tell him the truth…the family secret. I’m not really his sister…I’m his mother!
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Big sister Meana has a really big secret to tell you. But she needs you to show her how grown up you are. She says it’s really important…so you’re willing to do anything she wants. She starts touching you…you’re uncertain at first, but you trust your big sister and it feels so good. She gets on top of you and starts riding you. Her pussy is dripping wet as she leans back and tells you to lick her. You do everything you’re asked. You love your big sister. You shove your cock inside of her again and she fucking loves it. She turns over and demands you fuck her harder from behind. Your cock is throbbing…aching…nothing has ever felt so fucking good. You feel yourself starting to climax but you hold back. You can’t cum before she tells you the big family secret. When she does, it shakes your world and fucks your mind so deeply that you bust your load deep inside of her.


Meana Wolf - Family Secret

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