Mommy Takes Advantage – Starring Butt3rflyforu

Mommy Takes Advantage - Starring Butt3rflyforu

You are starting a new year of school tomorrow. You need a good nights sleep. You are still a virgin and do not know a lot of sex, but you always have a huge hard on , especially for your mommy. I come in to tuck you in and give you a “vitamin” that is blue in color. You swallow it without question. I come back in to check on you and ask how you are feeling. I have on the pink silky robe that outlines my big tits and nice figure. I notice you have a huge lump in your thin PJ’s. I tell you we need to lower our voices because daddy is asleep. But I am very horny and need that young cock inside of me. I admit to you I gave you a viagra to take, which helps make your cock even harder. You are so hard now, it is throbbing and I start teasing you and ask you to lay down. I start teaching you the right things to do to make mommy’s pussy feel good. I wanted you to touch me down there…feel how wet and warm it is. So nice baby….I then tell you to let me sit on top of you…let me rub my pussy lips on your hard cock to really show you how wet you make mommy. You are begging me to show you more and more…you are eager to finally have sex and who better with? I keep riding my lips on your hard cock telling you to keep your voice down….we can’t wake daddy…I then teach you how you slide your cock inside the pussy…your heart is beating so fast…you can’t believe it’s about to enter that warm hole….You can’t believe mommy is about to ride you!!!! I tell you to hold in your cum because there are more positions you need to know…like fucking mommy doggy…I turn around and raise my silk robe just enough so you can still see it grazing my ass cheeks…you slip it inside doggy and omg feels so good baby…mommy needs your seed now ..please get on top of me and release that seed inside me! Mommy is going to cum all over your cock first, but please baby give me your seed! ENJOY!

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Mommy Takes Advantage - Starring Butt3rflyforu

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