Mommy’s First Facial – Starring Butt3rflyforu

Mommy's First Facial - Starring Butt3rflyforu

You catch me all dressed sexy in my fishnet stockings and trench coat. I thought you were at your friend’s house for the weekend. I have been secretly stripping and dancing at the local club to make ends meet. Money is tight and I need to take care of my boy! You ask me where I am off to dressed like I am. I reluctantly tell you and you ask to see my sexy outfit. I open my coat and your mouth drops to the floor. I have on stripper heels, fishnet stockings and a bustier. You ask me to give you a lap dance and show you what I do at the club. I hesitantly go over to the couch and begin sliding my coat down over my butt. Your cock begins to get aroused by my tight body and ass rubbing on your pants. You slowly slide your cock out of your pants to show me what is happening. I can not resist to touch it, feel it, and caress my ass all over it. I turn around and begin licking and swirling my lips all over the head. You can not control yourself. I begin sucking it more vigorously and before you know it you just gave your mommy her first facial!!!!-ENJOY!

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Mommy's First Facial - Starring Butt3rflyforu

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