Natalie Monroe – OMG I Fucked My Brother

Natalie Monroe - OMG I Fucked My Brother

So school has been a total bummer this week. We have the big game tonight and the captain of the squad sprained her ankle so I have to step in. Ia€™m totally stressing out and need to relax. My mom has a a€?back massagera€? she uses. More like a plug-in vibrator is like it. No one was so I got it out of her dresser and went back to my room. I can feel the vibrations all through my body and I love how it feels on my little clit.

I was cumming so hard I didna€™t even notice my older brother was standing at my door stroking his dick. At this point I was so horny I was ready to fuck whomever. I called him over and took his cock in my mouth while I masturbated. I couldna€™t believe what a slut I was being but it wasna€™t like hea€™d tell anyone and even he did hea€™s a boy, whoa€™d believe he fucked his sister lol.

I turn on my side so my brother can slide his cock in from behind. Ia€™m so tight he almost cums as soon as I squeeze my pussy walls around him. He lifts my cheerleader skirt, grabs my hips and pulls them back as he slams he dick in and out of me. I want to take him as deep as I can so I lay on my back and pull my legs apart. 2..4..6..8.. what do I appreciate? COCK! COCK! COCK!

I tell him to hurry because mom and dad will be home soon and this cana€™t be explained. He pumps my pussy harder and when pulls out he starts to cum on my skirta€¦. WAIT! Not on my skirt I have the game tonighta€¦. Oh FUCK. Well at least I got off a lot but this cum stain is going to be difficult to explain.


Natalie Monroe - OMG I Fucked My Brother

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