Natalie Wonder – Mommy Comes Back Home From Happy Hour & Needs To Get Lucky

Natalie Wonder - Mommy Comes Back Home From Happy Hour & Needs To Get Lucky

Mommy just came back from happy hour with the girls & she had one too many cocktails. Mommies need to let loose too sometimes. Oh sweetie, don’t be shy now. Can you still smell the alc0hol on me? I’m feeling buzzed & really wanna get lucky. Your father? Hahahaha! Oh honey, your father hasn’t been able to get it up for years! There’s no sense in trying with him. Mommy’s given up in that department. But I’m pretty confident this young, hard cock of yours is all ready to go. Mmmmmm oh come on, don’t try to deny your feelings for mommy. Are you scared of mommy or something? Your cock doesn’t seem to be scared of me. I know mommy might be coming on a little too strong for you right since I drank too much. All that liquor made those tingly feelings go straight to mommy’s pussy. Mmmmmm it’s going to feel so warm inside me sweetie. I promise. Come home to mommy. Mommy’s going to slide her boy’s nice hard cock deep inside, right where it’s supposed to be. You came out of mommy’s hole & now I want to put you right back in. Stop struggling & fighting it because you’ll get me upset. Shhhhhh, remember, I’m the boss around here sweetie and I’ll get what I want. And I want your dick inside me fucking me right now. I know deep down you want it sweetie. Let’s just take your pants off first. Mmmmm there you go. See? That wasn’t bad. Now just relax & feel mommy’s wet pussy slide down on you. Ohhhhh. So good. You fill mommy up perfectly. Now I want you to fill mommy up even more by shooting your hot sperm deep inside me. And mommy won’t stop fucking you until you do.


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