Sarah Vandella – Son’s First Taste

Sarah Vandella - Son's First Taste

I hear my mom come in and I know she’s back from grocery shopping. I give her a kiss on the cheek as she unloads groceries from her bag, then I see the bottle. My Dad’s a real hard ass and doesn’t allow it in the house, I’m not even 21 years old yet, but mom tells me she likes to relax with her drink and read a book when he’s out of town on business. She nudges me, “have you had a taste?” I lie, “no, mom.” She knows I’m lying, prods me, and I confess that I had a brewski once at John’s house, and Karen put some peach schnapps in the punch bowl at Homecoming last year. Mom has a sweet mischievous look in her eye, “do you want to try a little?”

Mom fills me in about how she’s a sort of connoisseur since her father never liked to drink alone, and that she was drinking at a much younger age than me. I look at her shocked, but she stiffens her back and tells me, “always responsibly, of course.” I can’t believe my mom is so cool. I experience a very fine drink, for the first time, and I feel like the man. Mom puts her delicate hand on my chest, smiles, “it’s putting a little hair on your chest, huh?” I blush at the sour face I made. I feel challenged to take a drink without the face, I can’t have my friends thinking I look like a pussy when my birthday comes around in two months. I drink with mom and she tells me that I’ve had a little much, that I am not allowed out of the home. She’s satisfied when she tells me that I can’t go out. Mom likes me around as much as possible, especially if Dad is not around. She’s a little needy like that. I love my Mom, if you check her out, you can see it’s easy to love her. I’m not just talking about how she’s pretty fine, wears clothing sluttier than the other moms, and wears her hair in a modern hairstyle, but she’s got a fine character. She’s warm, she loves everyone, her eyes sparkle when she talks to you, she is never mad at me when I’m bad, and I can be pretty naughty, oh– and she is so smart.. mom loves to learn and she is always teaching me new things. Little did I know that I would learn something about myself tonight, something dark, but something oh- so awesome. It’s a night I will remember forever..


Sarah Vandella - Son's First Taste

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