Tag: Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Tornado II

It’s storming outside and Blair is searching her phone for the weather report while her brother waits for the weather to come on Channel 6. The lights flicker and go out, Blair’s phone has no signal, she’s terrified. Robby finds […]

Blair Williams – Keep Me Warm

It’s cold out, zero degrees fahrenheit, unusually cold for February, and the old furnace finally gave out last night before bed. My brother, Robby, called the repairman but he can’t come until morning. The wind is blowing hard, smashing the […]

Blair Williams – The Reckoning III

Blair didn’t know that her gambling husband made a deal with the devil. The devil isn’t supernatural, but a man who is just as coldhearted and vicious with a sensual touch. Her husband has sold her to him, sweet Blair […]