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Vanessa Cage In Free Use Family

Scene One: School Home Work Daughter comes home in overly sexy, ripped clothing, supposedly from school, and joins her family on the dinner table. She talks about some test or something that happened, and she complains that she missed her […]

Raylin Ann in Free Use Daughter

Scene One: Gamer daughter Your daughter Raylin is on the couch playing video games when you reach over and grab her tits. She looks away from her game for only a second. “Just do whatever you got to do” She […]

Maria Jade In Free Use Daughter

Scene One: Home Cumming My Daughter Maria is coming home from College for the Weekend. She is talking to Mom in the kitchen about all the guys she fucked and a Professor she is interested in… I walk in and […]

Cory Chase In Free-Use Mom

Back Story: A world-wide plague has wiped out 90-percent of the population. The new President Signed into law the “Free-Use” Bill. This law allows for anyone man to have sex wiith anyone at anytime. This includes Family Memembers and complete […]

Cory Chase In Free Use Family

Scene One: I am on the couch, playing some X-Box, fragging some punks online. Not paying attention, Mom comes in and starts sucking my cock. There is no time to tell her to stop, I am in the lead and […]