Tag: forced crossdressing

CEI for Lipstick Sissy Mimi Penny Barber

Does little sissy Mimi want to cum? How badly do you need it? What if I have certain conditions. For one, you have to be wearing these silky soft pink panties that I just got from Victoria’s Secret. Two: you […]

Sissy Sports Failure Penny Barber

I should have know you were too timid and dainty for the football team but I never thought you would embarrass me by crying and running away like a wittle girl in front of the whole team and the cheerleading […]

Stolen Panties Punishment Penny Barber

Well young man, what do you think Maxine and I found hidden inside this old clock? About a dozen pairs of panties stolen from us and women across the neighborhood is what it looks like to me. What kind of […]

Panty Inspection Fail Penny Barber

You should know better than trying to leave for work without showing Mistress your panties. I would never have guessed that the little sissy would have the courage to try to sneak off without you’re sissy panties on. Well if […]

Wife Loves Role Reversal Penny Barber

I could get used to this little game of yours. Hanging out, playing video games in a t-shirt while you mince around in your little sissy outfits bringing me beers and doing chores. I think it is time to talk […]

Sissy Assistant Penny Barber

When I offered you a job as my personal assistant I really meant sissy sex slave. I can promise you sexual experiences your little mind could never dream up IF you let me make you sweet and girly first. Wearing […]