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Penny Pax – Penelope Ep.2

In our second episode, Penelope shows up for her second court mandated psychiatry session with Dr. Alphonse. She tells her doctor about how she met the powerful and influential man, Benjamin, who kept her out of prison after the she […]

Penny Pax – Penelope Ep. 4

Penelope is in Dr. Armond’s office for her fourth visit. In this episode Penny puts all the pieces together for him. She tells him of how her son’s wife was being followed, and the wife was very suspicious of her […]

Penny Pax Penelope Ep. 1

Penny Pax stars in MissaX’s first of four episodic series called “Penelope.” In our first episode Penelope shows up for court mandated psychiatry sessions with Dr. Alphonse. She grew up in the Foster system and started acting out, causing her […]

Penny Pax – A mother has needs

I had sex with my mother, it was everything I could have imagined and then some, passionate, aggressive, and affectionate, all at the same time. I guess you’d have to understand my relationship with my mother to understand how it […]

Penny Pax – Sexting III

My handsome young man is getting married. I can’t believe it, it seems like I just got him back, and now I have to give him away to another woman. How they grow up so fast, if only I was […]