Mommy Has Needs

Its been so lonely without your father. Mommy has needs, mommy is horny. You’ve been such a great support around the house. I’ve been wanting to ask you something . Have you gone to my room the other day and […]

Kendra Kennedy – Mommy Teaches Son

I’ve been putting off “the talk” with you for some time now. But now that you are of the right age and going on your very first date tonight I think it’s time. Do you know what birth control is? […]

Mistress T – Fetish Fuckery – Mums Kissing Lesson

This is highly recommended for Mama;s Boys (obviously) but also for MOUTH/TONGUE/LIP fetishists. There is a little foot play and full body views…but the main theme is KISSING instruction with MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. The sexy mouth close-ups are amazing. KISSING, MILF, […]

Tara Tainton – I belong to you forever and ever

It’s Valentine’s Day. And you, my growing-too-fast son have something special for me. You’ve bought me a gift, and I’m as surprised as any mother would be. You’re always so thoughtful, surprisingly wonderful and sweet, and you do seem so […]

Xev Bellringer – Mommy is Pregnant

You must be tired of watching Mommy struggle to do these simple tasks. Even folding the towels is difficult… I can barely keep my big pregnant belly and heavy breasts inside of this robe! Is there a reason you’re staring, […]