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Pantyboy Humiliated At Camp Penny Barber

Getting caught in a girl’s cabin is bad enough but it looks like you were on a little panty raid too, huh? Was it a dare or were these for your personal wanking enjoyment? Does not really matter because the […]

Sissy Lessons Cam Slut Penny Barber

In this lesson you lucky sissies get camming instruction from a truly talented professional, Mistress Penny. Not bragging, just the facts ma’am. Tips on everything from flattering angles to lighting to handling pushy clients. Even if you just want to […]

Cosplay Princess For Mistress Penny Barber

How much would you love to be my comic con sissy date? Dressed up as a little Disney Princess with your stiff, leaky clitty hidden under your puffy skirt, white stockings with pink bows on your legs, and sweet little […]

Sissy Blowjob Daydream Penny Barber

Little sissy pantyboys are always daydreaming when they should be studying for Pussy Worship 101. I know they are probably dreaming of me in some slutty outfit telling them about my secret fetish for boys who wear pink panties under […]