Xmas Edition II – Starring Joseline Kelly

Xmas Edition II - Starring Joseline Kelly

I haven’t seen my brother since senior year of High School, that’s over four years ago! It’s funny how time passes when you focus on college and he was busy with his career. I’ve been talking to my stepbrother on the phone a lot, and we picked up our relationship just as close as we were growing up. I miss him. I have to admit that I had a crush on him, and I wonder if he also had a thing for me. I try to forget about these things, I know I have been lonely and horny. I’m a pretty girl and I know I can sleep with anyone but sex is so much more special when you share it with someone you love. I love my stepbrother, it’s a sin to think of him in a dirty way. I try to push it out of my mind, sometimes I can be impulsive when I want someone. I need to remember our bond when we were growing up and put these foolish fantasies on the shelf. I’m going to see him soon!
We’ve decided to bring the whole crew back together again and have a lovely family vacation. The problem is the snow storm kept our parents flight from being able to make it until Sunday. What’s worse is that our beautiful rental home at the top of the Mountain has no heat, it’s so cold in the home that you can see your breath, and the repair man can’t come until tomorrow.
I find a working fireplace and we decide it’s warm enough to sleep together in front of it. We’re cuddled close in front of the fire and it reminds me the last family vacation we went camping and we had to share a sleeping bag. ?He was sleeping behind me and petting my hair behind my ear. My brother always had a thing for touching my soft hair, running his hands through it, and I enjoyed the touch. This touch was different. He slid his hand down my spine and inched closer and closer to my ass. I pretended to sleep, I felt frozen, even though wild fantasies of losing my virginity to him flooded my mind. He placed his hand off of my body and into his boxers where he stroked himself. I felt him poke me from behind and still I slept. I don’t think he ever knew I was awake. God, that was perverted, but what’s more perverted is that I shared this story with him. I confessed what I wishes he would do to me, “pull my panties to the slide and rub his cock up and down my wet slit.” I inch forward as I shamelessly confess my fantasy to him. My brother was hesitant, he’s a good guy, but I know I can convince him. We want each other, and what’s wrong with that if no one has to know about it?

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Xmas Edition II - Starring Joseline Kelly

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